Sunday, June 28, 2009

Youtube and Vimeo

It's been a while since my last post, but we've been hard at work fixing minor bugs on the site and getting the pilot hosted on a site without ads.

We've ditched Dailymotion (they weren't being very helpful) and Megavideo (because of the ads), and we're going with Vimeo! The pilot is now being hosted on Vimeo, so if you didn't watch it because of the Megavideo ads, go ahead and watch it now.

We're also slowly uploading all of our episodes in parts to Youtube. Although it is an inconvenience to watch in parts, we're hoping that having the videos on Youtube will bring more viewers to our show. We'd prefer that you watch on our site where you can watch the whole episode in one part, but it's your choice.

Stay tuned for the next episode on July 3rd!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Episode 104.5: "We Just Met a Girl Named Maria"

Episode 104.5 is online now! Watch the episode at!

We've had to brave strong thunderstorms, floods, tornadoes, and power outages to get this episode edited, but we made it! Okay, so maybe there weren't any floods or tornadoes in our location, but we were close. Still, the power outages were certainly an issue. This also marks the first time that one or our episodes was edited across two states (Illinois and Ohio)!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Help Page Added

We've added a Help page to the site! We noticed that a few people have had issues with the site. Hopefully this will fix some of the easier issues. It's a small change, but hopefully everyone will appreciate it. Let us know what you think!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Episode Release Dates Announced and Extras Posted! + minor fixes

Episode 104.5 and 105.5 air dates announced! Episode 104.5 will air on Jun 19th, and Episode 105.5 will air July 3rd. What happened to 102.5 and 103.5, you might ask? Keep an eye on the Sunday Morning Longwood for more info. Episode statuses have been updated as well.

We've also posted some new extras! You can now watch Bennett's Munalos Info Video on its own and see more of his so-called "Janatorial Work" (it's really just his take on the Star Wars Kid). You can get the links to watch those two videos on the Episode 1 page.

The Episode 1 and 2 bloopers/outtakes/behind the scenes footage will be added soon. We are, however, focusing on editing the actual episode.

Last little announcement is that the entire site now works in Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6 without issues (including [look for more Zom-B-Gone developments this summer]). We don't have access to all browsers and versions, so we don't know if the site works well in all of them. If you find a bug, post a comment or email the webmaster from the Contact page. We'd really appreciate your help.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Episode Pages Updated

The episodes page has been updated with a new episode order and updated statuses. Also, two new episode titles have been released! Go ahead, check it out.

We've also created new pages for each episode that show the credits, related videos, and any extras associated with the episode. Since only the first two episodes have been released, only the first two episode pages are up. Keep an eye out for more pages (and episodes and extras) in the coming weeks.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Episode 2 Online!

We finally were able to upload episode 2 in high quality! It took way too long and we apologize for that.

You can watch it on our home page at


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Episode 2

Well, we're having some issues with getting episode 2 online. It's done and has been done for several hours now. We've spent the last 5 hours trying to get at least one of the video sites we use to upload the video. The sites all upload the video, then we either just get 17 minutes of black or it just fails to display anything. We are EXTREMELY frustrated with the difficulty of getting our videos online. We're still exploring other possibilities for distributing our videos.

With luck, episode 2 will be online within the next few hours. We'll let you know.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Internet Explorer Issues

We're still having some issues dealing with proper viewing of our site in Internet Explorer versions 5 and 6. We've made some progress, but it still isn't perfect. We're working on it alongside with everything else, which is why it's taking so long, and hopefully we'll have it fixed by the end of next week.

If you use IE 5 or 6 to view our site, we apologize for these issues. We recommend that you instead use any other browser to view our site, including IE 7 or 8, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari.


P.S. Get ready for episode 2, "Fris-B-Gone." It will be on our site tonight!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pilot Problems

Apparently is having some issues hosting our pilot video. It's unfortunate because it was the best solution to hosting our pilot. We're temporarily hosting with until we can fix the problem. This means that every time you try to play the pilot, you'll get a pop-up ad. Some of those ads are a little racy, but it is our only solution at the moment. We hope this doesn't cause too many problems for you.