Sunday, May 31, 2009

Minor Tweaks on the site and Issues with the Pilot video

We made a few minor changes last night and this morning. One of which most of you will never notice, which is a good thing. The other was a problem with the character bios page. For some reason, the page did not upload correctly to our server, and the text went below the black content area at the bottom of the page. The problem, however, has been resolved. Hope no one got too annoyed by the issue.

We're also having some issues with the pilot video being hosted at We've contacted them to resolve the issue. Hopefully it'll be working normally within the next few days.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Character Bios Updated

It's been a late night, but Makoa and I have finally finished typing up the character bios. Go ahead, check them out. I guarantee they'll make you laugh. Of course, I have nothing to back that guarantee with, so you really have no reason to take my word for it. So, just go to the bios page and find out for yourself!

We'll add bios for supporting characters and guest stars when their episodes are about to air.


Friday, May 29, 2009 2.0 Launched!

Lots of news for tonight:

Well, we've ditched the previous web site design, which according to Makoa looked like a baby designed it. Now, we have an awesome design made by J.D. Bryant, a fellow student at Northwestern. Without him, the site would still a baby designed it. The site was put up with relatively little problems, which was quite refreshing for us. We hope you enjoy the new design. A few minor tweaks were done under the hood, so to speak, as well. You probably won't notice them unless you're running IE 5.5 or 6.

We've also added content to the FAQ page. Do you have questions you want answered about the show? Then head over to the FAQ page and read how you can submit your questions to be answered by Makoa and me!

You can now read The Sunday Morning Longwood, a chronicle of the exploits of the zombies of Longwood. Head on over to the blog every Sunday morning for blog posts, vlogs, and more from the characters of the show!

We launched this news blog as it's easier to convey the happenings of the site and show this way. If you follow our Twitter, you'll get a condensed version of this blog.

We've updated the Extras, Contact, and Cast & Crew pages with some new information as well.

Lastly, we will have the Character Bios page up by the end of next week, which happens to be when Episode 2, "Fris-B-Gone," will be posted online!

Hope everyone enjoyed the pilot and trailer!